Guidelines For Using and KTG Shipping International.

These terms of service apply to all shipments processed by or through KTG Shipping International. Cargo mishandling could be very costly. Consequently, we strongly recommend shipping insurance either through our company or through other valid alternatives. We ensure to provide top-class services that are very efficient and ensure exceptional delivery of shipments; however, certain factors may impact the business which is beyond our control. Therefore, we will not be responsible or liable for shipment delay costs arising directly or indirectly from airlines delays or any act of God that may cause delays KTG Shipping International IS NOT AN AIRLINE COMPANY, In the event of shipment damage, loss, or stolen during transport with the airline carriers. KTG Shipping International will not be liable; KTG Shipping International WILL IN GOOD FAITH ASSIST the CUSTOMER WITH THE PROCESS OF CLAIMS WITH THE AIRLINE CARRIER. Customers are responsible for any port charges and any extra transportation charges, including any applicable US/ NIGERIA customs, TSA-HLS inspection-CES exodus examination charges and fees, or any applicable processing charges. THE CUSTOMER WILL INSURE THE PROPERTY. The customer hereby declares that no hazardous material, firearms, stolen property, or contraband are part of this shipment.

CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT US /NIGERIA customs, TSA, KTG Shipping International, or ITS AUTHORIZED AGENTS have full permission to open and inspect the shipment. The customer agrees that all additional shipping, clearing fees, and any US/NIGERIA custom APPLICABLE INSPECTION FEES I.E. CES EXODUS EXAM, NIGERIAN custom clearing or charges will be paid by the deadline date. If payment is not made by the deadline date, the customer agrees to pay all applicable demurrage charges, late fees, transportation, inspection, storage, and security fees. The customer further agrees to forfeit the shipment after 30 days from the shipment date. KTG Shipping International or its authorized agents have my permission and authorization to sell the content of the shipment when the customer is in default. KTG Shipping International will not be liable for property loss, stolen, property damage, forfeited, or any glass breakage, if not properly insured and declared. THE ARRIVAL DATE IN NIGERIA IS AN ESTIMATED DATE, SHIPMENT MAY BE LATE. THE CUSTOMER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS KTG Shipping International AGAINST ANY AND ALL LIABILITY OR CLAIM, WHETHER MERITORIOUS OR NOT. I FURTHER AGREE TO PAY ALL KTG Shipping International LEGAL FEES IN THE EVENT OF ANY LEGAL ACTION BY EITHER PARTY.